You've tried the rest, now try the Best!  Call us to schedule your next appointment 305.264.1717 Button number six Where is Ace Grooming ? About Ace Grooming and Boarding Ace Grooming Pictures Our services Ace grooming articles Ace grooming articles 7370 Bird Road - Miami, Florida 33155 305.264.1717 Tues - Fri. Open 8:00 a.m Saturday at 7:00 a.m Closed Sunday & Monday Copyright © 2009. all rights reserved - Ace Grooming and Boarding. Designed by Infoseek Technologies, Inc. About Ace Grooming and Boarding Where is Ace Grooming ? Our services Truth: Your dog and home will never be without fleas if your success is based on the number of dead fleas. A crude body count is useless to your goal of eliminating your flea infestation. To succeed at killing dog fleas for good, you should remove the ability of reproducing rather than mindlessly firing at the soldiers currently on the battlefield. One way is by the use of Insect Growth Regulators (IGRs). This will render them incapable of reproducing, allowing you to carry on the war without the worry of reinforcements. Fiction: Natural treatments aren't effective. Chemical weapons are the bomb. Truth: As effective as chemical-based insecticides are in treating dog fleas, natural treatments also have a place in your arsenal. Not only are they as good eliminating your dog's fleas as many off-the-shelf flea-treatments, they even offer some benefits that chemical artillery can't: They are safe for your wallet and they are safe for you. Fiction: My dog is finally flea-free. I can stop worrying now. Truth: Don't exhale just yet. Just when you think you are done... If you have not taken the necessary steps to remove the fleas in your dog's immediate living space, then he's still in danger of flea infestation. If there are still fleas in the house and yard, then your dog will be flea-ridden again sooner than you might think. Fiction: I have nothing to bother with now that I've removed most of the fleas. Truth: One flea can start an massive infestation by itself. Remember, fleas reproduce at an extremely fast rate. If one flea lays up to 50 eggs in a day and they hatch within one or two weeks, you've already got a major problem on your hands. Now if each of those offspring also lay another 50 eggs and those eggs hatch as well, you'll be faced with an entire army. Are you getting the idea? When killing dog fleas, you must be sure you get every last one, otherwise risk another big infestation. Using IGRs couldn't hurt. Fiction: Fleas are only on dogs. Truth: Wrong, they also prey on you. All the more reason to be hard at work to keep you and your dog and your home free of fleas. As you can see, even the most trivial misconceptions on killing dog fleas can lead to massive repercussions. So get educated now. If you would like more information, please give us a call and we’ll be glad to answer any questions for you. Killing Dog Fleas - Truths and Fictions You've tried the rest, now try the Best!